Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Getting back into reading after a long time away...

Growing up, I was a very keen book reader, I loved to read and I was very fast at learning, I was a member of a mobile library. It was a library that was in a truck/van and it went from area to area once or twice a week. It was a lovely feeling getting a new book and reading it right through.

In recent years, I have neglected reading, the thought of having to carry a heavy book in my bag to and from work, put me off reading, combined with the expensive price of the book. I am ashamed to say that I stopped reading.

For the last few months, I made the decision, I wanted to get back into reading. I bought myself an Amazon Kindle (wifi version) and have got right back into reading and am loving every single second. I am now on my fourth book and look forward to picking up the kindle and reading away! It is a fantastic gadget and one of the best (if not the best) that I have ever had!

Buying books on the Kindle is so easy and so straightforward and I get my book in seconds, it is like being a child in a sweetshop! I find it so easy to put my kindle in my bag and have the option to have thousands of books stored on the one gadget, it is perfect for leisure reading, reading in bed, on the sofa, anywhere you like and it is a pleasure reading again!


  1. Glad that you are getting back into reading. What kind of books do you like? I have been looking at the Kindles myself......very tempted. Think I will have to add it to my birthday list! Lol

  2. Normally I go for the romantic ones, enjoyed a good thriller one last!

    I am enjoying trying different books, some good, some not so good!

  3. I had typed up a comment & managed to lose it!!!We follow each other on Twitter, which is where I saw your tweet about the blog.

    I am also a reader, I bought a kindle as flat was overrun with books, and although my main blog is to do with health issues, I have also started doing a book blog too.

    I read all different genres, crime, mystery, supernatural, romance, bio's, I try to chop and change and not get stuck with one type for too long. I have followed you so I will see when you do a blog, maybe you might have a peek at my blog too?