Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It has been a while..

I have had it hinted to me that I have stepped away from the blogs for quite a while, actually I wasn’t quite sure how long it was and it seems that my last entry was in August.. oh my gosh. I should be ashamed, that is the problem with these blogs, you set them up, blog all the time, then it starts to slip from your mind and next thing you realise, months have passed by..

In the break since my last blog (hides with embarrassment), I have been tweeting, audioboo’ing (check it out at and reading the odd book here and there on my kindle (after all, that is what this blog is supposed to be about!!)
Rest assured, I will get my blog back up and running and try to post more entries, I will have my thinking cap back on, my blogging head working and with lots more reading reviews, thoughts and much more besides..
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Till the next time folks, stay happy & keep reading! x